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Hello Everyone =)

Well this is the page you have come to if ya want Wav files. I have a few, granted not as many as i used to and by no means the most of anyone,but im proud of my little collection :).To save these LEFT click on them and choose save Target as...otherwise if you have the updated windows media it will just play it off the site.

the music for goldburg
a wav from the adventures of Baron Munchausen
another baron wav :)
the closing from fat albert and the cosby kids
the opening of fat albert and the cosby kids..with the filmation opening :)
A wav from Disneys robin favorite furry movie =)
the 3 storms from Big Trouble in Little China
a clip from indiana jone and the last crusade
Ravishing rick Rudes old WWF music...hey i think its cool :)
tired out?...try this wav to Take 5 =)
A song from disney's robin hood
Morgan freeman from robin hood, pince of thieves.
Part of the theme music to the TV show "V"
Kira singing from the dark Crystal
Music from disneys the black hole
Merlin and arthur(arthur's death)
Merlin and the lady of the lake
Merlin and frick after the battle
Melin forgetting Queen Mab
Merlin ending his story...
Human Oddities Unite! =)
Gangrel's Music
Hakushi's music...beutiful instrumental =)
part of the theme to jeremy bretts's sherlok holmes
the opening theme to millenium
The pokemon mew having fun :)
Pokemon Magnamite saying hello


Theme of the day for april 02, 2000 =D

Marvel Blink Theme- i suppose you could say this is version 1.0 It has a fan art for wallpaer as well as desktop icons and startup/shutdown logos. the Blink theme is also at EZthemes but i cant track down the url for it yet.

Winamp Skins-Fixed the links they should work now.

Alan from Sailor moon's Doomtree Series.

Ann from Sailor moons Doom Tree Series.

Alan and ann standing back to back.

Alan and ann looking at the leaves of the newly bloomed Doom Tree

Alan and ann looking at a plate of mystery food my fav =)

Ann sits listening to Alan play.

Marvel's Blink made for winamp ;)

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