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Well here it Furry PAge =)

Ive been meaning to put this page up for ages but just never seemed to find the time (ie either i was of the internet or helping people on the internet with their pages) so NOW i can make this. I was shuffling through the web ring on july 3rd '98 and say a furry web ring and wondered what that i stopped and started to ead the home page. i now know why they call them home pages...i felt right at home =) i've been a furry as CatspawVP for over a year and ans myself for all my life...i could never quite figure out what i was. I knew i loved being around animals and had a kind of pack sense to my friends but i took that as to the fact i havent had mny do to constant moves. This seemed to fit every feeling ive had. To give you a little background im a Tiger (born in 74) and like working on the web as the 3 links ill put below will show. I Love chatting and try to always keeep my ears open for information that is usefull to me (the cat in me i think). if ya see me in RL im the same way. Ijust sit back and absorb information.whatever i can use i find some way of learning. Im very on guard around new people but once I get to know you ill trust you ...just dont EVER betray that trust. I know this is a bit basic for a page but artistically (writting aside) I could draw my way out of a box. I hope to have some pics of my favorite furry characters up soon :) So here hopping you all have a Purrrfectly good day ;)

<--click here to read some of my writings including a furry story in progress :)

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My Snazzy List of Links

My main tripod Page
If ya want to know a little more about me here it is
The VP tour bus Web Ring
A web ring i made for people with tour bus web sites...
RaveRendal's homepage
My main spree page with some poetry and an VP chat page
CatspawVP's main link Page
EVERY page ive had will be here at some point =)

This furry page has been visited Purrfect times =) .